Chonos Hotel Lovina, north Bali

Hot Springs / Air PAnas

The Hot Springs in Banjar ( Air Panas) is a nature hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed can heal the disease.

The water from the well is accommodated at one small swimming pool encircled by unique rural nature.
Also you will find here some small souvenir shops and a nice restaurant.
It is nice place to have a lunch.
The Hot Springs is one of the things you must see at your stay in Lovina

Everyday the pool will be cleaned, and fresh water is coming in to it.
The hot springs are located about 20 minutes driving from your hotel in Lovina.

This location is close to the Brahma Vihara-Arama(Buddhist Temple).
Good to see this temple also on your trip.

Tip: on sundays and local holidays, it can be very busy here.....

Air Panas / Hot Springs

Air Panas / Hot Springs